I'm no stranger to Newgrounds, I've been around for a good few years, even before I made this account... Back in the dark ages. But I long since stopped uploading here apart from the odd few animations I did at uni or worked on with friends. I think it's time I gave Newgrounds a bit of love again!

However, I am 21 now with responsibilities! So I can't just make cartoons whenever I feel like it, I gotta make them dollah bills. So Whenever I actually do make little animations in my spare time, I'm going to start uploading to here again.

For those of you interested in what kind of stuff I do here's a link to my Tumblr which is frequently updated and Youtube channel since I upload most stuff there these days.


I am currently working with a video production company, making a few videos here and there with talk of maybe making a fully animated televion show (Fingers crossed). I am currently doing whatever it is they tell me to do, but hey, the foot is in the door!

I worked alongside my friend KrEid on a video for #Mashed, I did a bit of lipsync of a floating head in a few episodes which is now on 4oD in England and on Youtube for everyone else!

Aside from these big projects I am working on a small animation for a friend and writing a script for the television show I mentioned earlier. 


So yeah, busy bee! Keep an eye out on Newgrounds since I may upload some of my most recent stuff onto here in the coming weeks, until then, here is a sneak peak of what I am working on for the Video production company. Have a great night!



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2012-01-16 13:49:18 by Curlypanda

Its been a good few years since I decided to upload a video to Newgrounds, but the project I am working on now will be uploaded to Newgrounds! The animation will last roughly between 1 and 3 minutes, it'll be the first animation where I decided to ask for voice actors instead of using songs, pre-made voice work and Speakonia. I have less than 2 weeks to complete this animation, Oh the joys of deadlines..

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